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Welcome to 24 Hour Kronic Delivery. When it comes to buying Kronic, Spice or K2 products online, we are the internet’s number one choice. Entirely compliant with federal and local laws, our  products are only sourced from certified suppliers. Our herbal blends are produced organically and lab tested for the highest quality. 

Kronic’s products are available in countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, Ireland and more. All of our Kronic blends are 100% safe as they contain no dangerous synthetic cannabinoids. Derived from a combination of other plants that naturally produce sedation effects, we have developed a smoking herbal blend that suits for the individual that does not want THC in their system but longs for a herbal smoke that can compare to cannabis. For demonstration purposes, think of it as the best legal alternative to marijuana. Our knowledge of different terpenes and herbal blends allows us to tailor our Kronic smoke into various strains for a variety of flavour and effect.